Hello, fellow bloggers! I am pleased to announce that, contrary to what I previously stated, I intend to resurrect my blog to review The Book Thief by Markus Zusak in the vein of my previous entry into this site, chapter-by-chapter with commentary/criticism.

As of now,  I am aware of only three things about the book:

  • It takes place during World War II.
  • There is a character named Liesel.
  • It is narrated by Death. I remembered hearing that recently.

My read-through of the prologue will be uploaded on Saturday and posts will continue to be uploaded throughout the week. There will be no more posts on weekends as I continue blogging the book.

As for when I have finished with that I have written out a list of books I would like to review in this venue, but I have not yet decided that I will be writing reviews for more than one story. My time is currently free for such frivolities, but events have the potential to transpire which may take up more of my hours. Also there are other obligations I plan to attend to currently that may conflict with the writing of reviews on this blog.

I made no secret that the time spent blogging my read-through of The Casual Vacancy gave me a great deal of stress, but as the months have gone by I have found myself yearning for those days and pondering whether I could have fun doing more reviews. So once I have finished my blogging of The Book Thief, I will consider whether I will find it satisfactory to review more books, and if so you will be presented with the full list. As of now I will not disclose it.

This book is very critically acclaimed and popular, so I expect I will enjoy reading it.

I recognize I put a great deal of finality into my last upload on this site, but does it not seem odd that a site titled “Kirksbooks” should exist only to review one book after all?